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vom Wunderhorn Berger Des Pyrenees RP
Berger Des Pyrenees Puppies For SaleAdvertising 1 Year
Puppies For Sale!
Berger des Pyrénées Trimbareilles vom Wunderhorn, called TriTri (Irun x Arette) has had her second litter (4/2 puppies born on 03/17/2018). TriTRi proves once more to be the perfect mother.The puppies will be smooth-faced (= FaceRase) or slightly middle-long-haired. The parents of TriTri and her partner Urdos (Vent x Verdette) originate directly from farmers and shepherds from the Pyrenees. The grand-parents of this litter are not kin to each other, they originate from 4 different shepherds in the Central and in the Western Pyrenees and are working on dairy sheep, goats and cows. Therefore, this litter is a fourfold outcross and represents a perfect return to the pure origins of the Pyrenean Shepherd Dog - back to the roots! Gondenbrett, Rheinland-Pfalz

Berger Des Pyrenees Puppies For Sale in Gondenbrett, Rheinland-Pfalz Germany